Gaming the Political System: Using Social Media to Fight for Video Games


The Video Game Voters Network (VGVN) has reached a milestone: 150,000 members. The VGVN is an initiative supported by the Entertainment Software Association. It provides gamers with an easy way to stay on top of state and federal issues that affect their hobby.

The site leans heavily on social media tools and networks to mobilize gamers and to bring new gamers into the fold. Some of its features include:

My Favorite Tools

A Flickr Group Pool of photos titled a “Wall of Protest Against Game Regulation”

Members of the VGVN post pictures that promote the political freedom of gamers and game developers. The images are compelling and get right to the heart of VGVN’s goal to prevent government regulation of video games.

The “Fight for Video Games Web Trailer”

They also have a trailer for the group. You’ve got to hand it to them. They know their audience. Gamers have come to expect that every video game and online mmog’s release includes a dramatic trailer with soaring music. This one definitely fits the bill.

Final Thought

The members of the network often compare violent video games to controversial pieces of art and unsavory political ideas. Why does the federal and state US government feel the need to regulate games when not controversial games? I’m inclined to agree.


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