iPhone 3G: A Step Forward for Mobile Games


Much of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference was expected. They debuted the new iphone 3G which will be thinner, cheaper, and faster than the original.

What I Didn’t Expect

  • Apple using the phone’s accelerometer and touch screen to develop more games.
  • Jobs wising up to the benefits of independent software development.
  • Consumers being able to download fresh games to their iphone wirelessly through the App Store.

A Sneak Peak: Super Monkey Ball

This is my favorite. Players manuver a monkey through a series of mazes within a 3D environment by tilting the iphone. Can you guess what platform this classic was originally played on?

Hope for Mac Games

Writing code for the 3G iPhone is surprisingly similar to writing code for the MAC. If the games gain enough traction they might jump to the MAC opening up the flood gates for traditional game developers as they seek to engage the growing number of MAC owners. This might lead to more gamers taking a second look at the MAC.


One Response to “iPhone 3G: A Step Forward for Mobile Games”

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