3 Reasons Why Online Gaming Will Become A Digital Marketing Tool of Choice: An Overview of the Market Opportunity


*Note: The photos below are from Tomb Raider: Underworld due to be released in November 2008.

1) Online Gaming is Growing Rapidlywww.tombraider.com

Online gaming is by far one of the fastest growing entertainment industries of our time. According to Business Week, “the global online games market, which currently is worth about $4 billion, is expected to triple in the next five years.” The main driver behind sustained growth will be the continued adoption of broadband and internet services around the world. The promise of a growing customer base will attract new entrants who seek to harness the power of this emerging market.

2) We’re All Gaming Now: The Potential to Reach Multiple Target Segments within Gaming Communities

As gaming continues to increase its position as a mainstream media deployment platform there will be more opportunities to tap into demographics beyond the usual suspects (males between the ages of 14 and 34). The most influential group will likely be women. Those over the age of 30 and mothers who possess the strongest influence over household purchases will be available to court in the digital realm. Those who remain conscious and aware of these emerging segments of players will be better poised to develop successful digital and social media experiences.

3) The Social History of Online Gaming: The Importance of Community Building

When the internet went live in the early 90s gamers used the web to form online communities. It started with the use of e-mail as people in different locations discovered the benefits of playing games remotely. Then came Internet Relay Chat (IRC), an instant messaging client that continues to be a popular gaming community management tool. IRC channels (also known as chat rooms) were established to share knowledge, and to coordinate activities among community members. Soon gamers were launching their own websites to provide a base camp for schedules, scoreboards and gaming instructions. The social history of online gamers reveals a willingness to create and manage communities.

Gaming is an inherently social enterprise. People play games to meet people, to compete with others and to maintain ties. The proliferation of social media tools presents us with the opportunity to enable gamers to easily connect AND maintain bonds outside of their gaming environments. Helping players focus less on community management logistics and more on gaming will be critical in the months and years ahead.


2 Responses to “3 Reasons Why Online Gaming Will Become A Digital Marketing Tool of Choice: An Overview of the Market Opportunity”

  1. You’ve nailed it on the head, and it fits trends we’ve been observing in the industry…. While there are some xbox titles (that have multiplayer) that feature in-game real world advertising (most Recent Burnout)… and the online game Hellgate: London also (at one time actually, feature has been yanked for now) included real ads in the subways….

    Great read!

  2. 2 bukolae

    Thanks Kareem! Whenever I see a subway ad for a video game I am reminded of the gaming industry’s place in mainstream culture. Sometimes I wonder if the coming recession will inspire companies to focus more on the targeted messaging you can do in the digital realm. With the rise of Google Analytics and Neilson’s Net Ratings it might be seen as another measurable way to reach consumers.

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