Hi! I’m Bukola Ekundayo. My first name is pronounced: Boo-cola

When I was 14, my father set me up with an AOL account. A few months later I started ‘blogging’ when I launched an e-zine, Misty and Neptune, with my best friend. It garnered over 1,000 subscribers. Since then, I’ve dropped AOL and graduated from Northwestern University where I studied new media, politics and history. After graduation I went to work for a branding consultancy to help Verizon FiOS get gamers excited about their product offerings. Now I help companies and people tell engaging stories about their brands as a marketing consultant based out of New York City.

When I’m not working I like to play video games, watch anime, and listen to Japanese pop music. I enjoy reading a variety of books on marketing, political theory, philosophy and literature. Those that continue to hold my interest include: Nietzsche, Barack Obama, William Domhoff, and Charlotte Brontë.

If you have any questions for me or if you want to meet up for coffee to discuss games, anime, digital marketing and the like please drop me a line: [bukola] [dot] [ekundayo] [at] [gmail] [dot] [com]


2 Responses to “Author”

  1. 1 Jennifer

    awww Misty and Neptune!! We were awesome back then 🙂

  2. 2 bukolae

    Weren’t we? We may need to bring it back !!!

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